Price Protection on Homes – A Long Overdue

You’ve finally decided to buy a home but it is plagued with uncertainties, speculation, opinions and uncalled for advice. Relatable, isn’t it? That’s because a home is possibly the biggest purchase in one’s life.

Needless to say, there’s a plethora of doubts and fears in your mind before you finalize on anything. You might take into account about the location, the market reputation of the builder, the size, and the amenities but it all boils down to 1 simple question: is your investment safe? More so in today’s financial scenario where the markets are weighed down by demonetization, slow down and the anticipation for real estate prices to fall further.

The Price Protection Policy comes in as a savior in such times; especially for those who are sitting on the fence still wondering whether to buy or not. Price Protection Policy is a solution to all your worries and has the power to instill confidence in both the buyers’ as well as the builders’ minds.

“You had my curiosity, but now have my attention”.

So what exactly is Price Protection Policy?

From the clothing industry to the automobile industry, brands use ‘cashback’ to retain their customers’ interest.

In the realty market, Price Protection Policy is that ‘cashback’ which helps us retain your confidence. It protects your investment from fluctuating prices such that, if the price of the property you’ve bought falls, we as builders, refund you the difference.

For instance, if you buy a home at Rohan Leher II for say, 80 lakhs, and due to market movements it drops to 75 lakhs, we will refund you the difference, i.e. 5 lakhs, under our Price Protection Policy, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Isn’t that so assuring and relieving?

But it’s important to note that the price protection window might differ from builder-to-builder. That means each builder might offer a different time frame to cover your properties under Price Protection. We as Rohan Builders offer it till the buyer takes the possession.

How does it benefit the home buyer?

As a matter of fact, we are the first ones in India to implement Price Protection Policy back in 2008 on Rohan Mithila & Rohan Leher projects in Pune. This was done in the wake of global economic recession and real-estate crisis that crippled nations and organizations worldwide. But not Rohan because Price Protection clause was mentioned in the property agreements and the difference was actually refunded to our customers.

It is a safety net for one’s life savings. In a market so volatile that even vegetable prices keep changing week-on-week, one is wary about parking lakhs or even crores of rupees in an asset like home if it’s their necessity. The Price Protection Policy alleviates that fear and instills confidence.

The realty market is betting big on this new policy. In fact, Rohan will be offering Price Protection Scheme till possession & mentioning in the document and not just a verbal commitment for customers assurance. As of now, Price Protection is offered on 3 projects in Pune – Rohan Leher II, Rohan Madhuban II and Rohan Abhilasha

We are optimistic that, as realtors, finally we can offer you something tangible and legal to hold on to when you buy your dream home from Rohan Builders. And we only hope that other realtors follow suit because it’s for the betterment of the overall realty market.

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