11 Ways to make your home look more spacious

Are you tired of same old antiquated methods used for aligning your room? Do you feel like your home looks too stuffy and mundane? Well, there are many tips and techniques you could incorporate in your home to make it look more airy and spacious. Key factors to consider here would be contemporary multipurpose furniture, color palette of rooms, inbuilt storage furniture, proper furniture alignment and so on.

Below given inventive ideas will help you modernize your place into a much spacious-looking home. The one that looks meritorious.

Let’s quickly get into the valuable hacks to having a spacious home…

  1. Fold-it-Up

Nothing is more innovational than a piece of furniture that folds away. If you are into accent furniture, look for the ones that have a foldable design. You don’t have to stuff your living room with unusable furniture.

Investing in a foldable side table or dining table can prove very obliging, as you can just unfold it only when you host friends or family gatherings.

  1. In-wall Cupboards:

The most constructive way of keeping your room mess-free and spacious is making use of in-wall cupboards. A Home that is designed with an extreme level of diligence, will boast this idea in its interiors.

It is a pre-manufactured unit in which you can set up your entertainment unit, speaker system, decorative pieces, or even store kitchen supplies. Buying a cupboard separately will take up unnecessary space and block half of the wall, making it look clumsy. Hence, an in-wall cupboard is a much smarter option, it will give architectural detailing to the wall and add to the vertical space as well.

  1. Light Hues make it Large:

Light-colored shades used for painting your home will certainly arrange for an airy and fresh look. Different shades of white, grey, blues, pale pinks and so on will reflect natural light more effectually. Hence, the room will appear brighter and larger.

Also, the color of walls and the floor falling under the same family of hues will also create an illusion of more space. Skirting and door rims that are painted lighter than the walls is always a good notion.

Apart from this, you can also jazz up your home by adding accessories like rugs, cushions, throw pillows that are slightly brighter than the walls but from same color family. This will coherently open up the space and make it look spacious.

  1. Pick the right furniture:

If possible, get rid of all the clunky furniture that overcrowds your home. And then, invest in something that is smartly designed and streamlines your room better. Look for a sofa set with exposed legs rather than the box type ones. L-shaped sofa also works best and do not eat up much space.

Likewise, look for a sofa that is not too broad and wide. Seating of the sofa must be slim yet convenient. Setting up huge chairs and sofa in a compact room will just obstruct the space, pick the ones that adapt well with your room’s space.

Opt for a round-shaped table which will not hinder your range of motion or take up too much space. A table with glass top will make your room appear more open.

Multi-purpose furniture that has hidden storage compartments is indeed a great conception! All of the unnecessary things like toys, books, sports stuffs, etc. can be stored in here. You can use it handily, whenever needed.

  1. Ditch the curtains:

If you live in an isolated area which provides ample amount of privacy then straightaway ditch the curtains! An oversized large open window will allure your eyes out to the landscaped view, which is an artifice to give more depth to your room. If you have to, use lightly shaded curtains that penetrate bright hue of natural light. Avoid shadier curtains, it will make your room look dark and confined.

Hang these curtains as high as you can. Best style to incorporate here would be grommet-style curtains. They are fitted very close to the ceiling. This will not miraculously create spaciousness, but will definitely offer a fair amount of height to the room.

  1. Try out other lightning styles:

Rather than top-down lightning, you can set up various styles of lamps in different sections of a room. This way, the light won’t be just focused at one space and the lamps will spread the light all across the room, making it look capacious. Moreover, you will love how the room feels more cozy and warm due to these lamps.

  1. Decorate it right:

Stuffing a room with several decorative accents will just appear topsy-turvy. Instead, just highlight one or two decorative objects that are neither too small nor too large.

If you have any antique piece for room décor, set it up as a center of attraction. Decorating too much or grouping them together will just take away the significance and richness from single decorative entity.

  1. Mirror Magic!

Positioning mirrors at right places in your home will amaze you, as to how much of a classic impact they put on a space. You can set up an oversized high-length mirror right against the main wall. Or, you can try out different ideas of hanging mirrors like salon style to add a pizzazz to the room.

Setting up the mirror in accordance with a huge window (usually 90°), will reflect the view or natural light better, creating an impression of large open and airy space.

Avoid hanging a mirror at a place where it will reflect cluttered space or crowded furniture. This will just make a room look messier.

  1. Clear up the corners:

As a customary method, we always tend to stuff corners of a room by placing a potted plant or a book shelf or huge decorative vase as a décor. Avoid that! Clear up all of the corners, clean that space thoroughly and set it free! Consequently, you will clear up virtual space and the room will look more gracious. 

Remember, the furniture and other settings in a room must be streamlined in such a way that if you were to vacuum, the space must be easy to maneuver around.

  1. Art piece:

Instead of hanging several art pieces on a wall, opt for a single oversized art piece that illustrates bold and cool colors. The size of such art piece must cover most of your wall and it must be positioned above your line of sight. This will give it a grand look and the space will look roomy. Avoid overcrowding any shelf unit or furniture against this wall. 

  1. Keep it clean:

Last but not the least, keep it clean! Even if your room is well-aligned and has beautiful interiors or furnishings, if there’s dust accumulated on it, the whole appearance will be killed. Always make sure to keep the shelves, cabinets, ceiling fans, windows, room corners and any other constricted spaces clean. Vacuum the whole space frequently and dust-off furniture daily, if possible.

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