Planet comes first

Our work and prayer is always to leave behind a beautiful world for our children. For us, sustainability is just another name for the same sentiment.

Energy, Water and Waste

At ROHAN, we believe that life must exist alongside nature, not at the cost of it. We take care of the environment by thinking consciously of the vital elements: energy, water, waste material. Every project’s carbon footprint is calculated, and efforts are made through ROHAN’s PLUS Homes design to develop sustainable structures – for example, homes with adequate ventilation that allow in natural light and thermal roofing that helps to keep the interiors cooler. As a result, less electricity is consumed in already well-lit and ventilated homes, resulting in significant energy savings.


More than just compliance

For us, sustainability is more than just a legal requirement. We go beyond what is mandated by law and take efforts to make our homes self-sustaining. This means that we won’t have to rely solely only on tankers for our water supply. This means we try to cut down energy costs through intelligent design and wherever possible, we try to preserve green spaces to include nature as part of our planning.

Building communities

One key distinction we have made since the beginning is to rearticulate our role as developers. We are not into making just ‘homes’, we are actually building and shaping communities. We design spaces that maximise human interactions. We are building a community, a habitat, whether it is a 50-unit villa project or a 1000-apartment complex. When we talk about communities, we are referring to a ROHAN building and all of the individuals who live in it as well as those who make a living from it. In this larger context, sustainability becomes more diverse and translates into a deeper meaning.

Water, Energy, Material and Waste management:

Rainwater harvesting, ground water recharge through recharge wells and bioswales, treating grey and black water for reuse, use of high efficiency, low-flow sanitary fixtures, and smart water metres are some initiatives to help achieve sustainability when it comes to water. PLUS Home concept optimises energy usage alongside use of energy-efficient fixtures, pumps and motors. Carbon footprint is also offset by investing in windmills. Dedicated waste and sewage treatment plants and organic waste convertors have been installed to manage waste consciously. We also upcycle and recycle by collaborating with appropriate agencies.

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