Rohan’s Design Philosophy


Design Philosophy

Excellence in design is at the heart of what we do best. Every ROHAN home is a unique blend of empathy in design and innovation in construction. It’s simple: A well-designed home supports a good life; and we want the best one for you.


We have a legacy of unique design, which is a result of working with the best architects and consultants globally. We are continuously learning from our customers and this collective wisdom is leveraged to create adaptable designs that place the users at the centre.

You are at the centre

Your world should revolve around you. From the pedestrian experience as you enter a ROHAN project to the well-lit corridors where you may chat with your neighbours worry-free, every part of a ROHAN home is created with your comfort, ease of movement, and delight in mind. There is a planned harmony between spaces and unwanted corridors or impractical corners do not obstruct your feeling of wholeness. Structural offsets are avoided to make space for your own interior tastes and windows are located centrally, allowing for safety as well as comfort and ease. Every space is designed keeping each member of the family in mind and how they all come together in a place called home. This entails designing rooms that are planned and flexible, intimate yet spacious, resulting in a well-balanced home.

Delight is in the details

What we offer is not just a house, but a home that is all about you. Be it the flooring, lighting, electrical connections or utility – every aspect of the home has been thought of in great detail. We strive to find the right dimensions for your windows, place the doors intelligently to ensure maximum privacy, and create a sense of natural flow within the house and the building. Small things done with care come together to craft a good experience, and in doing so, we leave no stone unturned, big or small.

Beyond your home

ROHAN homes extend beyond the four walls. Our goal therefore is to foster community-centric living by creating well-ventilated and well-lit spaces where people can come together to converse, play or simply be in nature. Every home is part of a larger ecosystem that is created with a variety of green, open and semi-open spaces coming together, crafting diverse experiences. When you enter a ROHAN ecosystem, you will never be intimidated by tall structures or feel overwhelmed by the expanse. We put our best foot forward to create welcoming buildings by paying close attention to the scale correlation, making you feel like a natural part of the overall landscape. The pedestrian journey is separated from the regular vehicle paths to allow a safe, care-free experience. Our buildings break the monotony by minimising repetition and responding to the elements of nature present in vicinity. Our attempt is to keep the landscape interesting and create unique homes that are easy to identify, even from a distance. Even after a decade, our design intelligence thus skeeps a ROHAN building looking just as fresh and attractive.

No compromises

Without a playground, there would be no play
Without a bench, there would be no chit-chat
Without a garden, there would be no butterflies to chase

Careless design and lack of thought will never come in the way of comfortable and larger-than-life living. This philosophy applies to all ROHAN projects, no matter what the size, scale and sales rate. We like to think, ‘How can we make it better for you?’ Then we figure out how to outdo ourselves day after day. We strive to stay up with the fast-paced rhythm of life by adapting our homes to the necessities of the modern world. One thing being certain: our universe does and always will revolve around you and your likes.

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