Safety Standards


Nothing above a human life

The value of a human life cannot be overstated. There is nothing higher. Thus, we emphasize the most on the measures that ensure worker safety. At regular intervals, our highly qualified professionals perform safety inductions and drills to ensure safety is sensitised to the last man. It is our responsibility to ensure that our employees put their trust in us for their safety.

Safe Man Hours Worked

There is a professional core safety team of 74+ members which works across various projects. In spite of more than 45 million safe man hours without any LTI in the last 5 years, first-aid equipment is always available on the site and a standby vehicle is ready in case of any emergency. Apart from these basic precautions, we organise safety promotion programs and assign hygiene officers to specific projects. We take pride in holding EHS (Environmental Health Safety) memberships with several certifying organisations in order to study and implement best practises. We also adapt to use technology for digital monitoring of the safety management system, eliminating the possibility of human error.


Safety as a culture

The culture of safety is engrained throughout. Safety is not just a step that arises at the execution stage, but is a value that is imbibed across the continuum; starting from the attitude of the workers or employees, the management style of the site leaders, the planning SOPs and protocols, the tools used for execution, to also the practices concerning the environment in lines with our UNGC membership.

With intensive planning and thorough implementation, we are able to pre-empt problems and incidents and exercise maximum safety caution, end-to-end, without any loopholes or near misses.

Man, machine, method safety

Every employee and worker is subjected to a pre-medical check and undergoes extensive training. PPE kits are meticulously used and kept up-to-date. Every machine is also subjected to a pre-entry examination and is SOP tagged, with continual tracking throughout the project. Our adherence to the ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy for safety breaches is important and strictly adhered to.


Beyond just physical safety

Beyond ensuring no injuries and zero losses, we also think further to create a healthy environment for our workers. Small initiatives like converting all food waste into biogas and using concrete waste as pavers ensure that the surroundings where the workers live can be clean, contributing towards sustainability. This sustainability lens benefits both the workers’ life and the environment.

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